Meet the Rockstars: Maggie Carey

1. Name: Maggie Carey
2. Hometown: Maple Lake, MN
3. Major(s) and Minor(s): Major in Communication, Minor in Photography
4. Year in school: Senior
5. If magic was real, what spell would you use first? It’s not necessarily a spell, but I would hands down use the undetectable extension charm Hermione uses to have an unlimited amount of storage in her bag! I believe that is any girl’s dream to carry so many things with such ease!
6. Hands-down favorite place to eat in Duluth: Uncle Louis’s Café! Best breakfast in town, I am never disappointed there!
7. One thing you absolutely need to do before you die: Go back to Switzerland to visit my dearest Swiss friend!
8. What you wish you would’ve known when you began your first year at UMD: Cherish the moments and drink lots of coffee! Freshman year is the best year of college, everything is new and so are you! During my first year, I wish I would have joined more clubs. Get out there and be involved, you have nothing to lose 🙂
Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/2/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Danielle Peterson

Written on 7/22/2017 by Hannah Garrett

Why It’s Perfectly OK to Retake That Class

I woke up this morning bleary-eyed and tired, despite getting plenty of sleep. The sun was shining bright (for once!) through my blinds and I slowly but surely got out of my bed to make some coffee. If you know me personally, you know I have quite the obsession with a hot cup of joe to perk me up. So I made my coffee, ate my breakfast, grabbed my backpack, and hopped in my car to go to class

Yes, I do know that it’s summer, and I did just say go to class.

This summer I am retaking not just one, but two classes; General Chemistry I and II. I am going into my junior year at UMD this fall and I am retaking two freshman year courses. Why? Because I barely passed them. I didn’t have my head set on straight freshman year with Chemistry. I didn’t ask for help when I needed it, I didn’t study enough, I got frustrated easily by confusing concepts, and I didn’t put my 110% into it like I did with my other classes at the time. So here I am today, retaking them.


Another reason why I am retaking them is because of my unbelievably strong goal of being accepted into Physical Therapy school next school year. Chemistry courses are one of the most important pre-requisites for graduate programs such as Physical Therapy, despite its not-so-related subject area. It is a hard class, period. And graduate programs know this. They want their future students to be people who can step up to the plate when faced with a challenge. Some of the schools I am hoping to apply to require these courses to have a minimum grade in order to even be considered for admissions. Let’s just say I did not meet those minimum standards for both of these classes.

So yeah, I didn’t do so hot. And now I’m retaking them. Big whoop! Besides feeling mad at myself for having to shell out more loan money to pay for them (which I am responsible for paying back later on), it isn’t as bad as you’d think. Here’s the little secret about retaking classes…

…a TON of people do.

Depressed businessman sitting under trouble thought boxes

If you think you need to retake a class, don’t discourage yourself. Don’t say, “I’m stupid,” or “How could I get that grade? I’m a failure” and feel bad about your academic progress seeming to move backwards. Instead, say to yourself, “It’s okay, it happens,” and “I have learned something extremely valuable from this”.

And you have! Relating this back to “the real world” is important. You will fail and that’s just a fact. One day, you might get fired. You might invest in a lousy stock. You might lose a competition you trained months for. You might completely mess up a project at work. Who knows what it may be, but the fact is that failure is inevitable.

It is about what you do after the fact that matters the most. Will you pick yourself back up? Will you try again and again and again until you get it right? Will you put more time and effort into your goal? Will you gain insight about yourself and change your habits for the better? What will you do when you fail?


Retaking a class shouldn’t be as scary as it sounds. Maybe you get a much better professor who can articulate the content to you in a more understandable way. Maybe you take a summer class – like me – and realize you can have a more one-on-one relationship with your professor due to the small class size. Maybe this time around, it’ll be easier for you now that you know what’s coming in the course (the fear of “the unknown” has been completely abolished at this point).

What you should take away from this is the plain fact that when life hands you lemons and a poor grade in a class, squeeze up some fresh lemonade and retake the class. You’ll gain much more than you thought.


Written by Hannah Garrett on 5/24/2017




College Cold & Flu Season: Newsflash-You’re Not Dying

So I am absolutely sure this is not the first blog post I’ve written about being sick while also being sick myself. It feels like in the past few weeks, there’s been a nasty bout of illness going around campus – heck, maybe even the entire state of Minnesota. Who knows. I have been sick for what feels like a month, with recurring episodes of waking up with a headache, struggling to get out of bed, blowing my nose incessantly, and trying to figure out how to talk without sounding like a Gremlin.

Being sick in college is tough! There’s no mom or dad to bring you some soup and tuck you into a warm bed. There’s no, “I’ll call you in sick today at school” or mental thought of, “It’s okay, I won’t miss much anyways.” NO. There’s only a big fat smack in the face of sinus pressure when you wake up and the alarm blaring at you saying, “Yeah, um, you need to school right now because you have 17 tests, 49 quizzes and 23 group projects due today…oh and don’t forget you have to work your 12 hour shift tonight at work cause your boss is this close to snapping at you and making you clean toilets.”

Even though that is a ridiculous and over-dramatic scenario, it sometimes can feel that way when we are bombarded with a virus that has us feeling like we’re on the verge of calling up friends and saying, “Just so you know, don’t let Tiffany come to my funeral.” It’s very easy assume your life is crumbling to pieces because your nose is leaking some strange-colored mucus 24/7.

Newsflash – you’re not dying.

As a college adult – which, YOU are – you are going through a critical transition period of your life from dependent teenager to sorta-kind of-maybe-independent undergraduate. You’re not about to jump into the lifestyle of a 25-year-old, but you’re also out of the house and need to be a little more on your own. That means that when it comes to being sick, you should put on your big boy/girl/etc. underwear and take care of yourself. Cause…well…sorry to break it to you but nobody else is. SO, where do you go from here?

1. Stop Stressing Yourself Out


I could say this a million times and I’m sure you’ve heard it even more. STOP. STRESSING. OUT. YOU’RE GONNA BE OKAY. Whatever it may be about, find healthy ways to minimize or stop it all together. Stress takes a toll on the immune system and if you’re getting sick all the time, you may need to take a step back and take a breather.

2. Don’t Stay Up Late on Your Phone


Go. To. Bed. Dude. You will never fully recover if you’re staring at your own Snapchat story over and over and over (it’s okay I’m guilty of it too) instead of getting a good night’s rest. Sleep is the time where your brain and body will take over and start to take care of you. Why would you want to inhibit that just to *like* another cat video?!

3. Eat Right, Drink Right & Move Right


Don’t eat garbage, don’t guzzle pop, and don’t lay around moaning in your bed all day like an injured wildebeest. You’re only prolonging your sickness OR letting one fester for the future. Eating healthy, whole foods will help properly fuel and heal your body. Drinking enough plain water and moving enough throughout the day will do the same.

If you can focus on those three things while you’re feeling gross like I am right now, then you’re on the right track. If not, you’re in for a long recovery process that will feel like FOREVER. But again, you’re NOT dying. You’ll be okay.

Happy Hump Day!


Written by Hannah Garrett on 3/1/2017

Snapshot Sunday: Duluth Coffee Company

Welcome back to a new year of Snapshot Sundays from Kate and I!! We are excited to show you all more of what we got. This semester, we have decided to focus on surrounding Duluth businesses and places to go nearby that offer secret study spots or a get-away from school. If you have any recommendations of places to do a Snapshot Sunday post on, please shoot us an email by clicking on the contact tab on the blog. We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

Today, we are visiting Duluth Coffee Company, a well known coffee shop in the downtown area. Kate took some amazing photos and has a quick snippet about it for you all to digest:

Destination: Duluth Coffee Company, 105 E Superior Street

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, whether it be in the morning, middle of the day, or late at night. I myself am an avid coffee drinker and love finding hole-in-the wall coffee shops every chance I get. Being a barista, I have high expectations for a good latte, cold press or plain dark roast (of course cut with a little cream and sugar).

Not everyone is a coffee drinker and most go through a slight panic when walking into a coffee shop having endless options on what to pick. For those of you who aren’t coffee drinkers, don’t worry, they offer a great selection of herbal teas and some pretty amazing Duluth Coffee Company merchandise.  So when you decide to visit the Duluth Coffee Company, down on Superior Street, here is what to expect.


Duluth Coffee Company started their wholesale bean roasting in 2011, and added the coffee boutique in 2012. Eric Faust, the owner and roaster of the coffee company, has worked hard in providing the greatest quality coffee by hand-selecting certain types of beans. He has traveled around the world visiting select roasteries that meet his vision of quality coffee. The Duluth Coffee states, “Coffee is our passion and roasting our craft. We strive to provide our wholesale customers and clients with the best quality product possible”.


So whether you want to stop into the site location for a business meeting, friendly get together, or to hunker down for some exams, Duluth Coffee Company is your place. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is what makes this place a 10/10. If you don’t have time to enjoy a cup of coffee at the site location ,you can always stop in quick and grab some beans to grind and brew at home. The Coffee Company is open daily from 6:30AM-7:00PM, so don’t hesitate on stopping by.

-Kate Shelley (AKA coffee fanatic) 

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