Countdown to Bulldog Welcome Week 2017: ONE. DAY. LEFT!

With only ONE day left until your adventure of Bulldog Welcome Week starts, here’s some things to keep in mind for the next few days:


Bulldog welcome week is a fantastic opportunity to open yourself up to new people and the University as a whole.  The whole purpose of it all is to get you comfortable with UMD as a new home so you can focus on learning how to navigate college courses without being worried that you don’t know where to go or who to talk to. This week is about YOU and for YOU!


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by an activity, find a RockStar and tell them! They can get you out of the situation for awhile. This week is again about YOU, so we want you to feel your absolute best. Everyone is different though, so if you’re just feeling off or not the best during something we want to help. If you want to talk about something too, learn to speak up in RockGroups and say what you need or want.


Pushing through the awkward or the uncomfortable is an important part of orientation to help you further step outside of your comfort zone. When you try new things and push past all that unfamiliar weirdness, you develop a new sense of confidence in yourself (whether you know it or not!) Sometimes it’s okay when things get quiet or are awkward…we’re ALL learning to navigate the new connections and experiences around us too!
We can’t wait to see you TOMORROW! Get excited for one of the best parts of your time here at UMD, and HAVE FUN!!!!


Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/21/2017



Meet the Rockstars: Marshal Quast

Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/20/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Megan Haller

Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/20/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Kylee Pass

Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/20/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Beka Lepak

Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/20/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Emma Kaufman

Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/20/2017

Meet the Rockstars: Tracy Asche


  1. Name: Tracy Asche
  2. Hometown: Mantorville, MN
  3. Major(s) and Minor(s): Major – Criminology Minors – Biology and Psychology
  4. Year in School: Junior
  5. If money and practicality weren’t an issue, what would be your most interesting way to get around town? If money wasn’t an issue I would drive. I love road trips and would stop everywhere along the way to my destination to see everything.
  6. Your hands-down favorite place to eat in Duluth: Breakfast food: Uncle Louis; Regular food: Blackwoods
  7. One thing you absolutely need to do before you die: Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef
  8. One piece of advice you have for an incoming student at UMD: It may be hard and challenging at first, but give it time and you’ll find your place


Written by Hannah Garrett 8/18/2017

Countdown to Bulldog Welcome Week 2017: 5 DAYS LEFT!!!

Woohoo!! Only FIVE days are left until Bulldog Welcome Week 2017 begins! Are you ready? Are you excited? Are you nervous? Whatever you’re feeling, just know that you are about to enter into a week of fun-filled activities that you (hopefully) will gain something awesome from.

Day 10 of the countdown series talked about how to stay organized for the week, such as what to wear, what to bring, and to download the mobile app. Today, for day 5 of the countdown, we’re going to talk about how to make the best connections with these complete strangers you’ll have as your “Rock Group”:

Make an Effort to Remember Everyone’s Names


You’ll likely do a “name game” anyways to try to get to know everyone else in your Rock Group, but really try to remember them all. You may not befriend everyone in your group, but you may recognize one of them later on in one of your classes and become study buddies. Maybe you and another Rockie join the same club! Even if you just see them occasionally in the hallway, it’s nice to be able to say “Hi!” to someone during you first few weeks at UMD.

Actively Listen to One Another


You’re going to have plenty of opportunities to talk about random things throughout the week, but try to pay attention if you’re talking more than you’re listening. Listening to others, especially strangers, is critical in order to make a solid connection. You will learn more about someone else by listening closely to what they are saying. Also, showing non-verbal cues such as nodding is an important indicator that you are paying attention to them. So basically, don’t be glued to your phone when someone else is speaking. (RUDE!) You’d want someone else to do the same for you!



This seems obvious, but every now and then we may catch ourselves not paying attention to this phrase. Sometimes when we meet new people, we try to match our behavior and conversation to what we think they would like in another person. If you want a truly good connection with another person though, you have to drop the façade and just be whoever you already are. There’s no harm in being polite to strangers, but remember to stay true to YOU!

That’s all for today folks! Stay tuned for one more countdown series to BWW 2017 in a few days.


Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/16/2017






Countdown to Bulldog Welcome Week 2017: TEN DAYS!!!

Can you believe there are only TEN days left until Bulldog Welcome Week 2017 begins?! Crazy right! Summer has flown by so dang fast, but now the real fun has begun. BWW 2017 is going to have some amazing things in store from you to help you transition into life at UMD. This blog series will give you three main posts to prepare you for your one and only Bulldog Welcome Week so that you get the absolute most out of it. Today we’re going to talk about how to stay organized (enough) for all that’ll be going on:

There’s a Mobile App – So Get It!

Look for the University of Minnesota Duluth Orientation 2017 app. It’s downloadable in Google Play and the App Store. When I had BWW back in 2015, I absolutely loved this app because it helped me remember what to do, where to go and when to do it. It has all the options for workshops you can take and their descriptions, the schedule each day right down to the minute, and it even has maps to help you out as you get used to the campus. The 2017 version is even better! So, if you haven’t already, check it out!

Dress Cool & Carry Light

You may think you need to be fashionable and carry absolutely everything during your “first” week at campus, but you’re wrong. Unless the weather suddenly turns bitterly cold, dress lightly in clothing that you can constantly be moving in. Expect to get a little sweaty too, so make sure you always have a water bottle with you to stay hydrated. Wear shoes that are mega-comfy for walking in all day and utilize a small, lightweight bag to store your phone, keys, and whatever else you need in.

Make Sure to Get Your Sleep

Each and every day is going so be jam-packed full of fun, and trust me, you will be absolutely exhausted from it. Know that you’re going to have to wake up a little earlier than you think, so don’t stay up as late as you normally do. You’ll want to be fully recharged for the next day!

Stay tuned for the next countdown series blog post when only FIVE days are left until Bulldog Welcome Week 2017. Until then, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to fill out a comment/question for me to answer by clicking here. Have a great weekend everyone!


Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/12/2017


Meet the Rockstars: Maggie Carey

1. Name: Maggie Carey
2. Hometown: Maple Lake, MN
3. Major(s) and Minor(s): Major in Communication, Minor in Photography
4. Year in school: Senior
5. If magic was real, what spell would you use first? It’s not necessarily a spell, but I would hands down use the undetectable extension charm Hermione uses to have an unlimited amount of storage in her bag! I believe that is any girl’s dream to carry so many things with such ease!
6. Hands-down favorite place to eat in Duluth: Uncle Louis’s Café! Best breakfast in town, I am never disappointed there!
7. One thing you absolutely need to do before you die: Go back to Switzerland to visit my dearest Swiss friend!
8. What you wish you would’ve known when you began your first year at UMD: Cherish the moments and drink lots of coffee! Freshman year is the best year of college, everything is new and so are you! During my first year, I wish I would have joined more clubs. Get out there and be involved, you have nothing to lose 🙂
Written by Hannah Garrett on 8/2/2017